Yulia Khaya – Registered Dietitian

Yulia completed her studies and dietetic internships both abroad and in Canada, and has been practicing as a registered dietitian since 2005. She bases her practice on weight-neutral, intuitive eating approach, supporting her clients in recovering from chronic dieting, disordered eating and weight cycling, while supporting them in their journey of re-connecting with their body needs and building healthy relationship with food.

Psychologist in North York, Dr. Vera Voroskolevska

Dr. Vera Voroskolevska's no guff attitude means you are going to get answers that are straight to the point “no beating around the bush or no sugar coating the situation”. Her motto is – “person first, therapist second” because she understands how difficult it could be to reach out for help. Dr. Vera believes in active collaboration in sessions and actively seeks feedback from her clients.

Social Worker Krystal Olejko-Qaqish

Krystal Olejko-Qaqish | MSW, RSW (Social Worker). Krystal is registered as a Master level Social Worker with Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) and a member with Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

Hailey Collins | Psychometrist

Hailey Collins | Psychometrist - Psychoeducational assessments aim to describe an individual’s learning profile (strengths and weaknesses) and psychological functioning. This includes an assessment of their cognitive (thinking) abilities and academic achievement. These assessments also evaluate emotional, social, and behavioural characteristics that can influence their functioning.