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Values and Guiding Principals

At Restore Balance we help individuals, couples, families, and communities to restore balance in their lives. We believe that balance can be re-stored through intentional efforts rather than found passively (e.g. something you accidentally stumble upon).

Our Core Values

At Restore Balance we are driven by the following core values: Integrity, Personal Responsibility, and Humility. It’s more than just words, we do what we preach.

Integrity – From when you inquire about our services to when you walk out of doors, we will be transparent, honest, and direct with you. We will tell you what we can to accommodate your request and we can not. When we cannot, we will be honest and offer you alternative resources and make every effort to help. We strongly believe in putting our clients first and make every effort to ensure they feel comfortable, safe, and welcome in our space.

Personal responsibility – We practice personal responsibility at all times. This means while mistakes are inevitable when we take risks and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, it is not OK to hide them. We acknowledge our shortcomings, learn from them, and take actions to rectify them. We do not engage in maladaptive coping behaviours.

Humility – We recognize that as providers it’s not easy to ask for help sometimes (we all have been there!). We actively discuss our own limitations with each other and seek to regain control whenever possible. We’re people first and therapists second, so we get it. Feel free to ask us how many times we’ve locked ourselves out, been stuck in elevators, or got lost in parking garages.

How we are different

We offer practical solutions that are guided by core principles. It sounds simple and it is. We’re here to help, not make things more complicated!

Ready to take the next step?

If you have questions, unsure how to proceed, or want to find alternative ways to coping with your existing stressors, get in touch with us here. If you’re ready to make an appointment, you can book an appointment online or you can reach out to us here. We encourage you to communicate your individual preferences, specific circumstances, and preferred methods of treatment. We acknowledge that if we are unable to meet your needs we will refer you an appropriate resource.