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You have a choice to schedule 60 or 90 minute sessions with me. My standard rate is $180 per hour. For your convenience, I accept payment options including cash, cheque, credit card, or e-mail transfer.

Extended Coverage/Insurance

As you may be aware, psychological services are not universally funded by OHIP. Most extended health insurance plans cover a portion or all of the cost. My fees are covered by many extended healthcare insurance plans. Please check with your plan provider regarding psychotherapy and psychological services coverage, and the limits of such coverage per hourly and yearly basis. It is your responsibility to submit completed forms to your insurance provider.

If you do not have an extended healthcare insurance benefit plans, psychological services can be claimed as a medical expense when you file your income tax return. In other words, Registered Psychologists are authorized “medical practitioners” for the purpose of claiming medical expenses. For more information, please, visit www.cra.gc.ca/medical.


Cancellations or rescheduling require 24 hour advance notification to avoid hourly costs. Please call me at 416-834-5922 to cancel an appointment.