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Wellness Checks & Prevention

Wellness checks assess an individual employee’s ability to cope with work and personal stressors, and subsequently individual sessions facilitate their development of healthy and adaptive coping strategies. Recommendations and interventions can include solution-focused and pragmatic stress management techniques that can be utilized to cope with stressors, as well as prevent excessive stress or burnout.  This service is geared towards first responders, correctional officers, clinicians, leaders, caregivers, and members of any organization whose work includes exposure to stressful events.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management is a service designed specifically for coping with traumatic events. The goal of this services is to provide a safe space in which traumatic events or situations can be talked through and dealt with effectively and efficiently. It is a formal, structured, and professionally recognized process for helping individuals involved in a critical incident to process the impact of a traumatic event by sharing their experiences, expressing emotions, and learning about stress reactions. Referrals for further assistance are provided as required. This confidential, voluntarily, and educative service sometimes referred to as ‘psychological first aid’.



Clinical Consultation & Supervision

Clinical consultation and supervision services are available to other mental health clinicians and allied health professionals.  The objective of this service is to increase the clinical expertise of supervisees/consultees, ultimately leading to improved client outcomes while addressing the issues of burnout, compassion, fatigue, self-care, under- and over-involvement are actively discussed. It is expected that access to this service will enhance clinicians’ skills and competence, promote collegiality, improve self-awareness and the ability to self-reflect on clinical work. Clinical supervision or consultation can be available in group and individual format. As a part of our belief that supervision is a process rather than event, in addition to mutually agreed upon meetings, we offer ad-hoc opportunities for clinicians to reach out for support.

Training & Professional Development

Customized training tailored to the specific needs of employees can be delivered in-house or virtually. The objective of this service is to increase the professional development capacity of employees, which ultimately leads to improved stakeholders’ outcomes. We emphasize and teach practical solutions (where feasible) to help meet the needs of employees and stakeholders. Training and professional services can be of interest to a number of organizations, such as first responders, schools, community organizations, residential services, long-term care homes, and other helping professionals. While topics are tailored to the organization and circumstances, general training themes include: coping with stress, healthy living, thriving personally while doing shiftwork, improving relationships, managing personal and professional fears.

Program Evaluation & Research

Restore Balance’s program evaluation and research services include consultation, planning, designing, and/or conducting a program evaluation or research project. Program evaluation and research services may include: conducting literature review, transforming research ideas to testable hypotheses, developing research/evaluation protocols, preparing documents for research ethics boards, analyzing statistical data, and writing up the findings.