Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellness

Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellness

We make a conscious effort to improve our physical health by incorporating good nutrition and daily exercise in our routines. When it comes to mental health, do you pay as close attention? Most individuals attend to their physical needs much more diligently and intentionally than to the emotional aspects of health. This could be attributed to our societal focus on mental illness rather emotional wellness. Similarly to our physical health, where we focus on self-care and optimization of our physical abilities, we can improve our mental wellness in order to overcome any challenges and stresses we may face down the road.

Here are some tips to maintain and improve your mental wellness:

Track gratitude and achievement. At the end of day review three things you are grateful for and three things you accomplished. For optimal results, write them down in a journal. However, simply reflecting on things that make you feel good is highly beneficial.

Get creative. Experiment with a new recipe, work on an art idea, write a poem, or try a do-it-yourself home project. Creative expression allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and day-to-day mundane tasks. Make sure your to-do list contains some of these “create” items and not only “get it done” tasks.

Express Your Love. Quality relationships are key for a happy life and significantly improve our ability to handle life challenges. Express your love with your family, friends, community, and pets.

Laugh. Even a couple of minutes of laughter improves our mental wellness and can have lasting effects. Spend time with your friend, watch a comedy, or read jokes. Also try to laugh at some silly life situations instead of criticizing and blaming yourself.

There are many more methods to improve or maintain mental wellness and their effectiveness ranges from one person to another. So it is important to find and practice strategies that are right for you. Your social worker, therapist, or doctor could provide you with additional support if you need to discuss your mental health challenges. Similarly to your physical health, sometimes you need a trained professional to treat your mental health for a period of time or periodically. If you are looking to talk to a trained mental health professional to help you optimize your mental wellness, we invite you to schedule at an appointment with a social worker / psychotherapist or psychologist at Restore Balance. Conveniently located at Empress Walk, just steps away from Yonge and Sheppard, our clinic offers a welcoming and a relaxing spa-like environment.