Death and Grief During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way we experience life, but has also changed the way we experience loss, and ultimately grief. In normal circumstances, we can attend funerals, religious services, and other gatherings to honour the deceased and receive comfort from friends and family. However, limitations placed on these types of gatherings...

How to Keep Morale While Working from Home

This has been a time of great hardship and change around the world during the COVID 19 global pandemic.  Communities across our nation have had to abide by strict regulations and policies put in place to protect the lives and well being of those most vulnerable.  It has been a time of rapid change and...

I Definitely Have Those Days

Piglet?” said Pooh. “Yes Pooh?” said Piglet. “Do you ever have days when everything feels… Not Very Okay At All? And sometimes you don’t even know why you feel Not Very Okay At All, you just know that you do.” Piglet nodded his head sagely. “Oh yes,” said Piglet. “I definitely have those days.” “Really?”...

Dealing with Problems in a Structured way

Coping with anxiety and stress: With everything that’s going on in the world right now, all the issues that need addressing day-to-day may feel overwhelming. It’s useful identify which of those issues are problems that need to be addressed or solved and which are just worries that are not necessarily backed up by facts. Below...

Identifying and Challenging Worry and Anxious Thoughts

The way we think has the potential to fuel high levels of anxiety and stress. For example, you might be having thought such as “I or my loved ones are going to die” or “There is nothing I can do” or questioning how you are going to cope. Thoughts such as these can be so strong that you believe them to be true.

Handling COVID-19 Stress

During these unprecedented times of global crisis, it is normal emotional to feel scared, worried, and fearful. Within a short time, we had to adjust to ‘an ever-evolving-new-normal’.  We are going to take a moment today to highlight some ways you can stay calm (as much as possible given the circumstances) and deal with the...

Healthy Routines: Building Health Habits

It’s new year and like everyone else, you most likely have a resolution to be healthier. This is a good resolution to set, but a hard one to achieve for many. Most of us want to live active and healthy lifestyles, but don’t achieve this as we often focus on the overall goal.

Does My Child or Teen Need a Psycho-Educational Assessment?

Does My Child or Teen Need a Psycho-Educational Assessment? You may have noticed that your child or teen may be experiencing consistent academic difficulties, is not well matched to their educational curriculum, is struggling to meet their learning and behavioral expectations in school, or may be performing well above their peers. It can be difficult...

The Ultimate Bed Time Routine for Better Sleep

The importance of sleep is often undermined. Sleep is also often the first thing to go when we become  busy with something else. Simply put, we prioritize everything in life over sleep, from kids to Netflix. As a psychologist, I regularly ask my clients about their sleeping patterns (always during the initial assessment and several times throughout the course of treatment).  Nine out of ten times – my clients are struggling to get adequate sleep (either to fall/remain asleep, or get adequate time of “zzzz”). I always empathize the importance of sleep and whenever possible introduce the sleep hygiene as soon therapeutically appropriate.

Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellness

We make a conscious effort to improve our physical health by incorporating good nutrition and daily exercise in our routines. When it comes to mental health, do you pay as close attention? Most individuals attend to their physical needs much more diligently and intentionally than to the emotional aspects of health.