Handling COVID-19 Stress

Handling COVID-19 Stress

During these unprecedented times of global crisis, it is normal emotional to feel scared, worried, and fearful. Within a short time, we had to adjust to ‘an ever-evolving-new-normal’.  We are going to take a moment today to highlight some ways you can stay calm (as much as possible given the circumstances) and deal with the stress of this ongoing pandemic.

There are several ways you can manage stress in this situation:

  1. Maintain Structure & Routine

One way you can reduce COVID-19 related stress and panic is to maintain your regular routines and structures with some adaptation to your ‘new normal’. Of course, bearing in mind the social distancing ordered by the federal and provincial governments but try your best to adhere to your usual routines to maintain structure and order in your lives. For example, if you regularly go to the gym but cannot as a result of COVID-19, replace the time with an at-home workout. If you miss eating lunch with your colleagues – schedule a virtual time to hang out!  Sticking to your regular routine will help combat the impacts of distress caused by the pandemic.

  1. Pick Up Some New Hobbies or Start New Activities

Maybe, due to the pandemic, you have more time on your hands, this is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby! Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn how to sow, you can start that process now! Or maybe there’s a few books you’ve been meaning to read, take this time to read those! If you find yourself feeling sad about missed opportunities – shift your focus to possibilities.

  1. Mindful Consumption of Media

During this time, a great source of stress can stem from excessive exposure to media. Try your best to limit how much time you spend on social media or watching televised news on the topic. When you do watch or read the news, be mindful of the news sources you choose, get your facts directly from the source. Try your best to choose news outlets that remain calm and neutral.

  1. Physical Distancing not Social Distancing

As mentioned above, the existing government-advised social distancing in effect to help minimize the risks associated with COVID-19, such distancing be very tough for those who rely heavily on social relationships. Treat this as physical distancing, not social or emotional distancing! Keep up with your social relationships whether it be through phone calls, video, or text. If you are physically distancing with others such as those you share your home with, as long as no one is sick, use this opportunity to spend more time together! This will help combat any feelings of isolation or loneliness which could be very detrimental for ones mental health short or long-term.

Hopefully, these tips help you feel a bit more at ease about this difficult situation. Keep in mind that this will not last forever but, rather, it’s a season that will pass! Take the necessary preventative measures and employ some of these or other stress-reducing tips you previously found helpful to help you get through this difficult time. Stay safe, healthy and balanced!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels